“Kristina, you are such a great trainer. I love how encouraging and positive you are. Also that you seem to understand what I need with the advancing Parkinson’s Disease and how you manage to come up with new exercises. Thanks!” ~ Spencer (5/2/20)

“Kristina is a top-notch trainer — the best of the best. She has worked with me for over a year and changed my life for the better. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and works with each individual to bring out their highest level of strength and fitness. When I broke my arm last winter from a fall, Kristina visited me at home and showed me exercises I could do in addition to the ones I was shown in physical therapy at a hospital.  I have had several trainers, but Kristina is by far the most advanced in her knowledge and abilities.” ~ Dee (5/28/15)

“I love Kristina’s style of teaching and her ability to change it up every single time keeps me coming back. Her class offerings have helped to keep me in a regular workout routine even when not being able to go to a gym!” ~ Kim (6/1/20)

“Kristina is knowledgeable, attentive, organized, encouraging, and able to make classes and sessions fun (and sometimes fun is just what we need!).  She strives to find the right fit for everyone, offering modifications and encouragement as needed. Kristina structures workouts well, and often switches up exercises so her classes never feel routine or boring. She’s accessible and kind: ready and willing to answer any questions or address any concerns.In addition to taking in-person and online classes, I’ve had some personal training sessions with Kristina. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I definitely feel stronger for our work together.” ~ Laurie (6/8/20)

“I have already recommended Kristina to several people.  She is very knowledgeable  about the body and focused on good form.  She also helps me feel comfortable to adapt the exercises as needed to my particular body and injuries.” ~- Liz (6/12/20)

Meet the Trainers

Louis Alalade – NEW

ACE Certified Personal Trainer & SCW Boxing Coach

Louis joins Grit Life Fitness in the Summer of 2020. Louis comes from a sports and athletic background. Training in football, basketball and boxing. Louis is currently open for training 1:1 *Outdoor Boxing Sessions (60 min). To book a session with Louis you must first schedule a online complementary consultation on our book a session page. Louis likes to focus on total body conditioning during his boxing sessions to give you an overall balanced workout. [*Seasonal]